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#155 – A slight light at the end of the tunnel looks bright

Finally, a full weekend off work, 110 days I waited to find out about my plague jab but they finally got around to ol Ian of the Kiely’s. I’ll get it at 8:20am on Monday morning the 21st of June 2021,but first I’ll spend a weekend with my girlfriend. That’s what I’m looking forward to […]

My Life

#60 – We made a Garden – Before & After

It’s pretty simple I moved to a new house in August 2019 and the garden looked a little rough. So one global pandemic later it’s looking improved and ready to act as our beer garden. It started off slowly but when your only allowed to leave your house to go to work and stay within […]

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#50 – Warren Zevon wrote the best love song ever

Artist – Warren Zevon Album – The Envoy Released – 1982 Play it as you read! Warren Zevon is, was and always will be the greatest optimist entangled in the most pessimistic and dark sons of bitches to walk on this giant rock hurdling through space we all call home. A unique, weird and wonderful […]