#166 – Sopranos prequel ;The Many Saints of Newark FINALLY has a trailer!

I’m at work and I’m going about my day as per usual just being a regular neighbour social care worker and then BOOM. Out of nowhere I’ve gotten the gift of gifts and that is a trailer for the Soprano movie I’ve been waiting 4 years for. This film was announced first back in 2017 and I was already beyond excited. Then I hear its set in the late sixties and James Gandolfini’s son Michael is playing a younger version of Tony Soprano. Big shoes to fill there no doubt and the trailer was amazing. I am so beyond excited and my anticipation for this film is sky high. The film kept on getting pushed back with an original release date for September 2020 then moved to September 2021 and now I believe it’s being released in cinema and at home on October 1st of 2021. I have no doubt or reason to believe that this film will be anything other than sheer excellence and I’m hopeful it’s a great companion piece for the impeccable series.

James Gandolfini & his son Michael Gandolfini. Incredible casting for the most iconic television role of all time

The film is set during race riots and tensions between the Italian community and black people in New Jersey at the time. With a backdrop of so much tension and animosity there’s going to be blood, murder, violence and the Sopranos dark comedic undertone I’m sure. Excitement would be an understatement here for me I feel a state of euphoria that washed over me as soon as I got the notification of the trailer being released. I’m so blown away that 14 years after the show finished were back in the world and exploring the lives of characters we know, met briefly or never saw before. It seems that Dickie Moltisanti who’s the father of Christopher on the show is the main character or at least the trailer seems that way. I like this approach and I want to see the world of Johnny boy Soprano, Uncle Jun, Livia, paulie, Silvio, Carmela and the list goes on and on maybe even a glimpse of Tony Blundetto who knows what this film holds. Its got my money anyway and I’m already wanting to have it on Blu Ray. What a time to be alive right now witnessing this historical moment in Sopranos history.

Check out the trailer and let me know are you excited? Have you watched the Sopranos? Trailer is right here below so enjoy and I’m off to watch it for my 12th time today!

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