#194 – The Many Saints of Newark trailer II

The Sopranos prequel movie the Many saints of Newark is almost upon us. The film was first announced back in 2017 and I’ve been patiently waiting since. So far the trailers have not disappointed and the hype for this movie is now out of this world. It’s been my most anticipated movie release of the last few years and maybe the one film I’ve built the highest anticipation for. In 2020 it was the film I was most excited to see and when it was pushed back I took it and waited until right now and its only a couple of weeks away. I’m ready to head back to Newark New Jersey in the 1960’s during Mafia chaos, race riots and the beginning of the Sopranos.

The trailer had a different feel to the first one that’s been released. The first trailer gave us the first new footage of Tony Soprano since the series finale back in 2007. We were drawn in seeing Tony and we now get to see the real antagonist of the film, Dickie Moltisanti the father of series favourite Christopher Moltisanti. Dickie seems like a conflicted character similar to his sons fate in the future. He looks to be battling similar alcohol issues and wanting to be a good member of the community while simultaneously being a violent gangster. Instantly the parralells can be seen with himself and Christopher. The exploration of a character who’s presence was felt on the Sopranos so many years later yet he was never a character in even a scene of the show is a brilliant choice. We have a lot to be excited for here with this character if Christopher’s actions are anything to be believed anyway.

We get to see much more from this trailer. It seems that the film will follow Dickie as the antagonist, his potential rise and fall while we see Tony as his rise begins in the New Jersey Mafia. Michael Gandolfini is seen more here and his movements and mannerisms are eerily similar so far to his late, great father James Gandolfini. It’s as close as we can ever get now to seeing a young Tony Soprano and they’ve done an incredible job. Tony and his father Johnny boy both seem to have such high regard and respect for Dickie Moltisanti. It’s going to be very interesting to see the dynamic with Dickie and the Soprano family. We see here he’s clearly very close to Tony but how will he interact with Johnny boy, Uncle Junior or the always pleasant Livia Soprano who rarely if ever had a kind word to say about anyone.

The music in the trailer is another thing about it that I loved. They had a Dylan cover of gotta serve somebody on the first trailer but this one really got me even more excited and I didn’t think that was possible. The song Money by The Flying Lizards was used perfectly with this trailer.

The old crew is back! I was wondering who as who in the last trailer with lots of quick cuts around the extended Mafia family but here we see more of the familiar names. We see Pussy Bompensero, Paulie Walnuts and Silvio Dante and that’s just the few confirmed I’m hoping for a little Richie April, Artie Bucco, Carmela and Feech LaManna or Ralphie. Of course Paulie would be worried about getting blood on his new jacket too, I’m so excited to see this film.

I’m hopeful this is more of a Godfather part II situation with this Sopranos follow up. I’m insanely excited and I feel so lucky that my favourite and the greatest show of all time is going through such a renaissance period. The talking Sopranos podcast, their soon to be released book and the fact that I get to go to a Q&A next year in Belfast to meet Chris, Bobby and Big Pussy. This movie has an insane expectation and standard to cross but I am fully optimistic that the many saints of Newark will be a classic!

As always let me know your thoughts and opinions below, I’d love to hear what you want from the movie or if your a fan at all, how does the trailer seem to an outsider?

3 thoughts on “#194 – The Many Saints of Newark trailer II

    1. Oh me too, me too! I’m really hoping so and everything I see and read about it just makes me more confident in how good it will be.

      Not far away now for us!


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