#170 – The Shining 100 years on from the ending

Well well well if it isn’t the 4th of July. Oh it’s more than just the 4th of July my friends. It’s been 100 years since Jack Torrance was photographed in the Overlook Hotel. Let us never forget this iconic moment of cinema history. Kubrick, Nicholson and Duvall thank you all for the Shining. To one of my favourite films of all time I salute you.

7 thoughts on “#170 – The Shining 100 years on from the ending

  1. I only saw this film 3 years ago after some persuasion and I was terrified like I knew I would be. However, it is a masterpiece with unforgettable images and direction from the master himself. Real traces of brilliance.

    Philip Stone talking to Jack in the larder was so sinister plus I’ll never look at a hotel lift again in the same way. Sign of a great film? Something that stays with you always.

    Great post.

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    1. Oh wow. Its a great one to watch and the first time too is so eery it’s a very striking and memorable film. Each time I watch it I find something else to see or find another little detail that Kubrick put in.

      Yeah exactly I’ve definitely felt that way even in a big hotel or castle just the big empty rooms always make me feel like I’m in the Overlook Hotel.

      Thank you so much, I’ve actually done a full review on the film that’s why this one is pretty short


      1. No I haven’t actually. I’ve not actually seen it since cinema but I dno i just haven’t had any interest in watching it again since then.


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