#176 – Did Jason Bourne let his girlfriend die so he could survive?

My girlfriend and I sat down last night to watch the Bourne identity and that quickly turned into watching Supremacy and Ultimatum back to back. It had been so long since I watched them and since it’s the hottest day of the year with the dead heat that’s in Limerick City these days being inside with fans going and some kick ass action sounded like a great Sunday to me.When I watched the Bourne Supremacy (the second one) this time I thought I noticed something that I never had thought of before. My theory is that Jason Bourne knew his girlfriend would be targeted instead of him during the chase scene in India in the Bourne Supremacy.

Jason and Marie are on the run in India and they’ve gotten too relaxed in their day to day lives when a hitman played by Karl Urban arrives in town and is hunting Bourne down. Bourne spots the assassin immediately due to his car, clothing and general vibe. Bourne then races to Marie so the pair can escape and start over again somewhere else. The assassin sees Bourne driving the car on several occasions and is close to catching up to him but Bourne evades him. As the chase continues once the assassin is far enough behind him he tells Marie to take the wheel while he gets into the passenger seat with his handgun drawn. Shortly after this exchange Marie gets shot in the head by Bourne’s would be assassin and they go off a bridge crashing into a river. Marie is dead instantly and Bourne is left underwater looking at the lifeless body of the woman he loves.

Bourne knew Maire would be the one to get shot at in the driver seat of the car, allowing him the best chance of survival. The assassin has already seen him so he knows that he will be shooting at the drivers side of the car. Bourne may have done this in his subconscious or his instincts to survive overpowered his love for his girlfriend. His reflexes are demonstrated right from the first film. Bourne has no idea who he is yet he can speak several languages, take down guards and take apart a gun as easy as you or I would brush our teeth. Bourne has been broken down so much from the Treadstone torture and mental breakdown of his mind and being rebuilt into a blunt instrument. Bourne is always taking in his environment and finding the best odds for survival in any situation. Bourne has killed so many people even innocent people and those who he had no idea if they were bad or not. It’s entirely possible his training took over due to the adrenaline and intensity of the situation they were in while being chased. His instincts were too powerful and it was at the detrement of his girlfriend’s life. Jason Bourne’s grief around this tragic incident is what adds fuel to the fire for him even further into uncovering the truth of Treadstone and Blackbriar. Maybe the turning point was seeing that he was capable of sacrificing the only person he loves to survive.

So that’s what I noticed most from those films last night. I love when a film is so well crafted you want to look into it and think about it after it’s over. I thought it was interesting but I also want to believe that Bourne was able to put love over his own survival but those old habits die hard.

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