#175 – Mick Flannery & Susan O Neill, Ireland’s INCREDIBLE latest music duo

Mick Flannery wrote the song Baby talk and had planned to record it by himself. He then tried it out as a duet with the incredible Susan O Neill and the result was winning some serious awards. Most notably the best original song of the year at the 2020 RTÉ Radio 1 awards. The pair have also had about 1 million streams already, its great to see Irish talent gaining success and attention.

Mick Flannery has a grizzled beauty to his voice and the impact from the words mixed with his voice creates magic. Susan O Neill joins in then with one of the most beautiful and mysterious voices I’ve heard. They’re after doing it again with their latest song chain reaction which is a beautiful piece of work. The harmonies of the pair and how they sing together is incredible. I get so much joy listening to these two and as of last night thanks to my beautiful girlfriend we’re seeing them live in Dolans in Limerick in early October. I’m so pumped already for live music and those two make me so excited to be there.

Give their latest song a listen to its brilliant and its on YouTube or Spotify basically anywhere you listen to music you can find it.

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