#177 – The hottest day in 2021 means go to Kerry and enjoy the ocean

Saturday the 17th of July was the hottest year so far in 2021 in Ireland. 30° celcius and no breeze is too much for an Irishman such as myself and I needed some cooling off. There’s just a dead heat in Limerick city so it’s time to head south to Ballybunion and walk along the beach. What a beautiful day it turned out to be. It’s really the little things like this that make life so enjoyable, spending time with my girlfriend and taking my little dog out for a dip in the sea. We took him off his leash as we walked through the water and the joy in this little dogs face just brings all the joy in the world to my heart. I’m eternally grateful that these little companions are real and we get to hang out together. It’s so beautiful just having this magical little creature who can’t talk to me but we have a connection that’s so special, he’s my little guy. We sat and took in the heat and the sea breeze, it was paradise. The beach was packed so we walked along away from everyone else and found a big expansive stretch of beach before us. Between walking along and feeling the cold water on our feet and the heat of the sun beaming down on us it was the escape we all need especially now more than ever.

Yeah that waters a bit cold buddy isn’t it. Here you can see a wet little Charlie after I gave him some encouragement and dropped him in the sea for a full dip.
Much happier now that he got a treat

How did you guys enjoy the weekend? Any fun trips or was it a chill lazy weekend? My Sunday was very relaxed and I started the Once upon a time in Hollywood novel and I’m only 140 pages in but it’s an incredible companion piece already.

18 thoughts on “#177 – The hottest day in 2021 means go to Kerry and enjoy the ocean

  1. Yeah the book is really good, the timeline is mixed up a bit more than the film and the extra scenes are great. I’m excited to watch the film again now that I’ve read it and watch it with a whole new perspective.

    Oh fun! Which one was it the original Christopher Reeves Superman?

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    1. Yes, the director who had recently died. There was a showing of it at the local multiplex. Marlon Brando with a posh English accent!

      Love Christopher Reeve but Death Trap was my most favourite film of his. That’ll be up next! H

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      1. Oh yeah Richard Donner he’s one a great director he also did the 4 lethal weapon films and the goonies. Now that must’ve been so much fun to see on the big screen. Yeah even when Brando phoned in a performance you still have to enjoy watching the man on the screen.

        Oh I’ve actually only seen Reeves as Superman believe it or not, I’ll have to check out Death trap!

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      2. Yes, I was in awe of him because he did The Omen. I’ve never forgiven Margot Kidder for Black Christmas. Terrifying film but I put my grudge aside.

        Death trap is so tense and brilliantly acted by the small cast. Very clever story. Give it a look.

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      3. Yeah yeah he directed that too, so talented to be able to bounce between so many genres. Yeah I just watched the trailer actually and with Michael Caine and Christopher Reeves in a murder mystery I can’t believe I haven’t even heard of it before, great recomendation!

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      4. It’s a shame it looks like a good thriller. Oh that one’s good and best of luck getting through the third and fourth Superman films haha they kind of went off the deep end a little

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    1. Yeah it was actually really enjoyable and people were all respectful for the most part of social distancing anyway.

      Yeah I’m trying and trying is the key word there to just enjoy the good stuff in my life


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