#179 – Heatwave 2021

Heatwave in Ireland for a week now,

The hot air and the dead heat of it all is too much,

Give me what I’m used to over here in the summer

Some days here and there with sun, not this though I can’t handle this.

Of course it’s just my luck I get given 75 hours to work from last Friday til this Sunday, always in the summer always short staffed

The same problem all over, sometimes I wonder why I got into healthcare at all

The more you give and help the more they expect and want to take from you,

Maybe I’ll join the circus someday and pack it in for a life on the road with some circus folk and a few monkeys or two for good luck. Get myself one a parrot that talks. That could be a good idea maybe, just spent my time here with more wreckless abandonment.

Maybe it’s the heat that’s driving me insane though. 30° weather is too much for us poor pasty white Irish, we weren’t built for heat we were built for blustery wind and rain.

I wake up and I sweat, last night I woke up at 4am to find myself in a pool of sweat and feeling cold and hot at the same time. Mark my words and I won’t regret saying this I need cooler weather to function and I want colder weather now. Being that it’s Ireland I won’t be waiting for too long to get my way.

I have a neck fan that cools me off and I like to sit in the shade and in the sitting room. I feel better in the corner listening some Zevon or Dylan.

I hope it passes soon and we can get back to our previously scheduled programming. As for right now it’s hot, I’m lying in bed with a cool orange juice and I’m either going to watch Tombstone or the doors I feel like watching Val Kilmer anyway. Take it easy out there guys.

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