#178 – 300 followers!

Well this was a nice notification to wake up to and see this morning. Never did I actually think I’d have 20 or 30 people reading the things I put up here. It’s so much fun to see that more people find similar things interesting to myself. It took me a little over 18 months to get 200 Followers here and now just over a month later there’s another 100 of you beautiful people good enough to indulge my writing here. It’s such a treat to engage with you guys and when I see people commenting their thoughts, ideas with me I love it. Whether you’re agreeing with me or not it’s exciting for me to have a place to talk with like minded individuals and I appreciate all of the support. So here’s to more writing and more of my engaging with you guys.

I’ll keep writing, updating and creating new content here. I’d like to start writing short stories but I’ll see how they turn out first before I attempt to put them up here. I gotta admit it’s a good way to start off this absolute scorcher of a day here. Until next time guys, be safe and be happy out there and if you could it’d be great to recommend the site to a friend even if you have to lie to them I’d really appreciate it haha.

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