#195 – Sunday 12/09/21

Waking up feeling like my hand coordination was very off. Between the bumps and bangs I don’t know how I haven’t given myself a concussion.

Eva laughed at least, there’s very little better in this world than laughing with someone you love. You lie in bed together and laugh like idiots. It’s better than almost anything you can imagine.

Our morning was good, I walked Charlie for the first time in a while. Time was going at hyperspeed and crawling at the same time, it got away from me again this week.

Getting dressed and ready to go to Galway,

I’ve always felt very relaxed in Galway for some reason unknown to myself.

I drove us to the aquarium in Salthill to see how the fishes were getting on. It was our first time back in more than three years. We had fun and after went for fish and chips.

We took a walk along the beach,

We walked along the prom,

We walked back and waited for ice cream,

We drove back home to an awaiting and highly excitable dog.

Watched mad men and walked with Charlie again around the block.

We spent the night talking.

Not all days are created equally, as soon as I woke up this morning I knew today was going to be good. It was going to be different and it was!

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