#197 – The Jameson Distillery tour Dublin 2021

Jameson Whiskey is without a doubt one of the best Whiskey’s in the world. I went to Dublin two weeks ago and thought that I’d finally go visit the Distillery in Dublin and take a tour. After all the Distillery has been there since 1780 so it’s about time I saw what was up there and it did not disappoint that’s for sure.

One of my favourite things I’ve learned from this tour was learning how Jameson gets it’s smooth taste. The phrase “Triple-Distilled” appears prominently on any bottle of Jameson. Compared to some of it’s typically twice-distilled cousins in Scotland and the U.S., Jameson’s mellow smoothness comes from using that extra still in the process, which removes even more impurities from the spirit.

Jameson label’s shield symbol that reads, “SINE METU.” It means “without fear.” The Jameson family was granted the motto for their bravery battling pirates in the 1500s.

I feel truly honoured

7 thoughts on “#197 – The Jameson Distillery tour Dublin 2021

  1. That would be an interesting tour! As an official brand ambassador, I hope you can expect a case of whiskey every month to sample and share 😀 While I like Irish Whiskey, I used to fancy Scotch from the Highlands, then someone introduced me to Bowmore’s from the Isle of Islay. A mouth full of character! After trying many others, I think the islanders make the highlanders look like beginners 😉

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    1. Oh I wish I had a case each month now that’s what I got to look into. Yeah the tour was great I’d definitely go back there and I have no doubt now about Jameson being the best whiskey out there

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      1. It is a fine drop, I read on your certificate that they use bourbon and sherry barrels to mature it in … they didn’t tell you from where did they? I also make my own whiskey 🥃 I like a mix of bourbon ( tried bothKentucky and Tennessee) and sherry chips plus port chips for the fruit flavour. I recently tried some on Huon Pine (only grows here) shavings, different character but surprisingly really nice 👍


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