#198 – Tuesday

Mundane thoughts race through my head,

Best to cover them up with green and brown

maybe help the thought’s finally come to the surface.

Writing when you’re not in control, that now that’s something

I’m sitting here on my couch, watching a horror film called bad Milo and trying to keep myself going

Trying to engage my body and mind that’s it, oh here comes the sex scene of the movie, the over the top unecessary sex scene

Things aren’t so bad though I must admit, I’m sure that as an old man I’ll look back fondly at being 25, living with my friend and girlfriend with my little dog too.

We are happy most of the time and I don’t have much to worry about except for my life of course but that’s the usual at this stage

I think of my father and how he reached for the bottle

Or my mother and how she tried her best for me

I think if myself, how I am how I carry myself and what I want to be what I want to do.

It’s enough to make a man turn himself inside out really isn’t it?

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