#200 – Editing my short story

Over the past few weeks I have been editing a short story that I have been writing. The idea to write a western short story came to me a few months ago. I sat down and plotted out my plot beats and character moments that I wanted to focus on. The writing stage was so incredibly fun and creating a world around this story was so exciting. I got my creative juices flowing and I couldn’t stop writing once I got started. The story follows a sheriff of a small town that’s starting to expand due to a gold rush in the area. The story is a revenge tale that spans over months, it’s a bloody story that I felt I had to write.

The stage I’m at now is the editing stage and I’m nearly finished but I underestimated just how much editing is needed for a short story or a novel. My plan is to post it here on my blog and print a few copies to have for some friends and family. The whole editing process has been tedious and I’ve read the story so many times now I could probably recite it in my sleep but I feel like I’m getting into a more creative mode since I got my new job with an actual structured routine and now I have time to create more. I plan on posting the story here later in the month and the entire process has been so incredibly revitalising and envigorating.

I created a book cover and I’ll share that much here below for the minute. I’d love to hear if short stories would be a good addition to my page here so any thoughts are very welcomed.

10 thoughts on “#200 – Editing my short story

  1. It apparently just refused to work. I’m reposting it because at least it lets me cut and paste! Here goes:

    Hi Ian!

    I’m happy to hear about the new job. Hope it’s something you love!

    Short stories are always good on a blog. Just need to be styled a bit differently for it. It will make editing a little easier maybe. A full short story can work, but rarely do I have the time to read a full short story in one sitting. I break mine up into chapters (as do others that I follow), and I post the chapters individually. Some people post them weekly so every Friday at noon a new chapter comes out. You can set it to auto post at a set date and time. The chapters already completed as far as editing get put up and scheduled first. Gives you time to work on the next few chapters for the editing process until you’re just sitting back waiting for it to finish. And people get to comment on every individual chapter so that you Can see if you’re interested in incorporating those ideas into your next story.

    Just an idea. And I’d love to read it!

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    1. Hi Marla ! All good with me, yeah the new job is nice and a very welcomed change. That’s a good idea if doing it and I was thinking of going that way but in the end with this story anyway I think I’ll post the full story in one go and see how it goes.

      Maybe I’ll do a more week to week style going forward I’ll wait and see. Hope you’re keeping well !


      1. What are you doing now, I perused your site and I didn’t see any mention. Is it top secret?

        Then may I make a teeny suggestion? It’s a pain in the arse, but it’s not hard. Make a table of contents and use anchors so that if the site crashes or the computer suffers a malfunction they can easily jump back to where they left off. I just did this on one of my posts just to see if I could because another writer on here wanted to do a dream sequence on his blog but didn’t want to interrupt the flow of his story. By doing it with the jump/anchor, it’s like having a bookmark for the readers.

        This was not the page I used, but the info is the same:


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      2. Hi Marla !
        I never saw the notification here for your comment for so long, my apologies. I didn’t do that this time for the short story and never actually knew about it. It seems so handy to mark the chapters and all I’ll definitely have to use it !

        I’m all good anyway, working with adults with disabilities still but I did get my day service job and I’m absolutely loving my new routine. In the past couple of months since I began I’ve been able to write a short story, start an acting class for beginners and had my first audition last Thursday it’s going great so far ! How are you getting on ? It’s been a while I hope you’re all good !

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      3. Hello Ian!

        I’m so happy to hear that things are going so well for you!

        I am trying to get back into the field, but I seem banished to the land of boredom for a while longer. But I will get there! Someday…

        I’ve been doing a lot of writing too. So cathartic!

        Oh, I thought if you when I made a post this morning. It’s about a band named Disturbed and has 3 songs by them on it. I know you will truly enjoy at least one. The other two you will like if you have eclectic tastes like me and kind of like heavy metal. Let me know what you think!

        I’m truly happy to hear from you, my friend!
        Stay safe!

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      4. Oh I hope you get back in by the sounds of it you were great and especially now we need as much great staff as possible! Fingers crossed for you

        It’s great to write isn’t it and just get yourself free and it’s only you and a blank page.

        Oh I love a music recommendation I will definitely check them out, thank you !! You too, stay safe your there

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