#203-Returning to the Wild West & gaming

I had taken a break from gaming and Red Dead redemption II until recently. I hadn’t played online because they hadn’t added anything new to keep me playing and the Capitale addition was a waste of time. There isn’t anything new added since I last went online but I missed the world honestly. So I’ve been doing call to arms mission’s some blood money mission’s and the usual wild westing around the Wild West. Okay the Capitale thing is really such useless addition it’s another form of currency making that four how in total online. The mission’s are basically the same except now we have to pay to do them and they’re harder, cool cool cool thanks for that Rockstar. You built the best game ever and you leave it out to die a drawn out death instead of making some easy and fun new ways to keep us playing.

Why don’t Rockstar allow you to rob banks and trains? Why can’t I make money as a criminal with me and my posse setting up bank heists and robberies with a GOOD payout. I’d love to be able to purchase property online, I think that’d be such a great addition to the game. Start a ranch, own a saloon and give us mission’s and rewards from these new character roles. Just give us anything really Rockstar please!

The game is still incredibly fun and enjoyable for the world and attention to detail alone. I lose so many hours exploring the wilderness and riding around the old West.

What else I’m playing

I bought the Sims 4 last Saturday night and ice logged easily about 20 or 30 hours on there already. There’s something addictive about taking control of people’s lives and running their world for them. Absolutely killing it too the place is a mansion and I love with a ghost who’s an excellent painter, things are good.

I started playing the remastered PS4 version of Mafia today too and what a brilliant remake of a run old game. I remember playing the old one on PC before and the graphics in the new one are phenomenal. It’s a lot of fun jumping into these different worlds and playing around for a bit. I’ve just been accepted into the family recently and I gotta lot more to do before I run the whole thing. More games and game talk to come.

6 thoughts on “#203-Returning to the Wild West & gaming

    1. Hi Priscilla, I’m 25 and it’s really amazing isn’t it the tech we have these days. It’s very immersive especially with Red Dead it’s like Westworld haha.


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