#204- Rewatching Mad Men

I watched Mad Men during the initial lockdown in 2020 and just recently again I finished the show for a 4th or 5th viewing. It gets better each time I watch the show. The series shows us the glamour and luxury those working in advertising on Madison Avenue experience. Mad Men is one of the most incredibly dedicated and focused series in regards to character work and development over long form storytelling. The character arc’s and developments on the series are incredible from identity theft, infidelity,lies,greed, deceit and of course cigarettes and alcohol go hand in hand here.

I followed Don Draper or Dick Whitman and his winding and unpredictable life. A man unsure of himself and constantly looking elsewhere for the next thing. Don is a narcissist and incredibly selfish person but he’s one of the most fascinating and gripping characters ever put on the screen.

Revisiting this series filled me with so many feelings and it really does give a sense of the world back then. The issues and the civil unrest, assassinations and wars their issues aren’t so different to the world today unfortunately. Mad Men is a masterpiece in storytelling. The show is so dialogue heavy and that dialogue is so poetic and engaging, I can barely take my eyes from the screen . The business dealings, drinking and completely surreal office life these advertising exec’s live is endlessly entertainment.

I kept wanting to see what would happen next and what was around the corner for Sterling Cooper and Co. When it comes to the casting on Don Draper too you can’t get a better actor for a role, it’s one of the rare few where you get perfection like with Tony Soprano, Walter White or Ray Donovan. For a show set in the sexist sixties too it doesn’t shy away from some of the more sensitive and hateful issues facing society. I think that Matthew Weiner really captured the feel of a time period, I know what it looks like and I can live vicariously through the characters to gain access to their worlds.

Mad Men ran for 7 seasons and has 92 episodes in total. If you’ve never seen it before then I’m very jealous of the brilliance you’re about to experience. The writing is impeccable, the acting in incredible, the costume design, set design and everything else about this show screams talent and art. Mad Men is such a colourful and beautiful show to watch. In between all of the darkness and horrible things happening in the world we have some of the greatest fashion and style on display right here with this series. I think it was a good way to spend another 90 hours. Honestly it was an escape to leave 2021 and head back to 1965 in New York.

15 thoughts on “#204- Rewatching Mad Men

  1. I’m so with you on this. I absolutely love Mad Men! I was a little disappointed with how it ended but the show is so good! It takes a certain type of audience to appreciate the greatness of this show. I’m so happy I’m not alone, on my feelings about this show!

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    1. Ah yeah Mad Men is a classic ! I actually really liked the ending with Don finding himself and getting back to advertising again with his Coca Cola ad.

      You aren’t alone anyway, Mad Men is one of the best shows on TV when it was going. Very unique show too ! Nice to see there’s a lot of fans out there too

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  2. Yes, Mad Men had some unforgettable moments but sometimes it would slow right down. And some characters were quite dull, I thought. However, Roger Stirling and Don kept it alive. Very vibrant writing however.

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    1. True there’s definitely some shower scenes and episodes but I was always into it. That being said I did find Betty very irritating and underused passed the first 3 seasons.

      Oh Roger and Don were the best duo together haha, Roger was always hilarious.


      1. I’ve seen the movie and 3 episodes in October this year actually but I stopped watching. I want to go back because it is hilarious and I just stopped and went back to something familiar haha. That’s on my list though!

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