#211 – Bob Dylan’s got a License to kill

I listened to Bob Dylan’s Infidels album Monday afternoon. I’ve been listening to full lps the last few months to try get into the flow and song location choice on the albums. There’s highs and lows with the music but it gets me closer to the singer’s mindset.

License to kill is one that’s on repeat a lot for me. The lyrics and the ryhtm of the song is effortlessly cool. Dylan’s voice mixed with his usual otherworldly choice of words are pitch perfect to my ears. Infidels is closing in on some of my other favourite Dylan albums. It’s not quite the same as Blood on the tracks or Desire but it’s a different type of Bob And that’s one of the reasons he’s the best. As he says himself he does contain multitudes and that’s clear here.

With themes of humanity and of mankind inventing their doom, “the first step was touching the moon” I don’t think it’s possible for Bob Dylan to make anything other that beautiful art whenever he puts his pen to paper, grabs his guitar and harmonica and plays for the world to hear.

Man wants it all and he wants it his way“. He’s got a direct line to the source of it all. Dylan’s got a hotline right to the answers or maybe he just knows the right questions to be asking. It feels as if every word was poured over in this song yet it feels like the freewheelin Dylan of the sixties too and sung on the fly.

Even after all the years of listening to Bob Dylan I’m still surprised. There’s still so much depth left in the work he’s done and he’s still releasing music right now. Makes me more excited for exploring his library. I predict a lot more Bob Dylan to come. If there’s gems like this hidden away then there has to be more out there for me to find.

It’s on repeat and it’s it’s been stuck in my head now for days,

I can’t shake it.

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