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#177 – The hottest day in 2021 means go to Kerry and enjoy the ocean

Saturday the 17th of July was the hottest year so far in 2021 in Ireland. 30° celcius and no breeze is too much for an Irishman such as myself and I needed some cooling off. There’s just a dead heat in Limerick city so it’s time to head south to Ballybunion and walk along the […]

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#94 – 08-02-2020

So last week was pretty good. Aside from the usual at work and my 1 year assessment with my manager which went pretty good I have to say. Life’s easier when your work isn’t actively destroying your mental health and soul. So my contract has been renewed and I’m still going to be a Social […]

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#73 – Kerry 2020

What a quiet week looks like in September 2020 in the south of Ireland Now that we’re in Lockdown 2.0 I’m glad I got to get a break for a while last month. Now here’s a few short words in this post done. I’ll let the pictures do the talking of the beautiful scenery.

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#48 – Amsterdam 101 – Coffee, Canals and Van Gogh

*** *** *** *** *** *** The first time I visited Amsterdam was in the month of August in the year of 2017. Accompanied by my two Amigos and roommates at the time Dan & Dom. I felt at home as soon as I set foot on the ground… There was something special in the […]