#229 – Galway Garden

I’m sitting in a garden in Galway, not far from the beach but it’s hidden away this house and garden I find myself in. I’m sitting on a metal white chair that weighs more than myself. I have a table to match it in colour and weight too.

The birds are chirping all over.Strangers speaking amongst themselves around the corner so they’re faint which is good. I hear a small squeak behind me but it goes away after a few Seconds I crack a nice coke zero because I’m on driving duties today.There’s a smell around me, not sure but it might be lavender. I better go and see what I’m smelling. Yeah it’s definitely lavender.

There’s that squeak again behind me in the hedge. I better investigate a little bit for fear I have mice running around behind me in the flowers. Okay I heard a purr just there. So it’s a cat that’s okay, look closer Ian.

One very protective cat with grey and black markings on her back, she hisses at me as I move the plants around her for a closer look. There’s a kitten, there’s two of them. Their eyes aren’t even opened and they look like they weigh about half a pound each the little things. There’s four of them, now I can see more. I take out my phone to snap a picture but they’re hidden away, behind the leaves, with their mother. She sees me try and snap a picture and starts hissing some more so I think I’ll keep the phone away.

I asked the owner about them and he says they were just born this morning.

Just born this morning.

They found a nice place to be born in.

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