#231- Peacemaker is hilarious, go check it out !

I just started peacemaker during the week and I only finished the eight episodes off now. I can’t recommend this show highly enough if you’re a fan of irreverent, sarcastic and dark comedy. If you like blood,gore, chainsaw killings, eagles and childhood trauma issues them I’ve got the show for you my friend. Peacemaker is a hilarious and insanely original series from the Suicide Squad director James Gunn.

Peacemaker has been one of the quickest paced and well written series I’ve seen in a long time. The show packs in so much drama and so much comedy that it shouldn’t work but as per usual James Gunn delivers the goods and it’s fantastic. John Cena gives in such an amazing performance yet again as Peacemaker he genuinely makes you care for the character throughout. While he’s big and obnoxious as the character there is nuance in his performance and as the series progresses and we peel back the layers we see much more than the meathead wrapped in an American flag we initially find ourselves with. There’s so many great characters, arcs, recurring jokes and references too it’s really the best superhero show on tv…. Well it’s up there with Watchmen the series anyway. Can’t wait to watch it again !


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