#232- Internal Dialogue

My buddy Jack Keeshan had a brilliant and energetic album launch on Friday in Roscrea. What a show and what an album. 5 incredibly crafted and powerful songs. I could say to him “ Jack, these songs are unbelievable, songs with a purpose and meaning behind them” not that he fully accepts the label of gifted songwriter he’d laugh and say I’m only tellin people to be good to each other man yano”.

I’m obsessed with the album art too, the Celtic design really suits Jack and his singing style.

I took a break from Dylan but I didn’t want to leave the wise words and harmonica with a powerful voice to boot. Naturally Jack Keeshan was a natural progression. The five songs here are all brilliant pieces of music, my favourite at the minute anyway is I got your back man . I just wanted to jump on for a minute here again and share about Jack’s music. He’s a great guy, great singer and a gifted fuckin songwriter too. I’m proud of him and he’s going onto bigger and bigger things for sure, it’s great to see.

Spotify link below 👇

Jack Keeshan Music

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