#237- I bought more Bob Dylan vinyl’s

Last month I was in Berlin for a little over a week and while on my travels I came across a few very very good goddamn records. On one of the hottest days it felt like I had ever experienced in my entire life in Mauerpark we went to a market with everything you could ever want from handcrafted bookmarks to pictures that move (when you scan a QR code of course) although they don’t seem to move since we brought them home. Maybe the flight back home fried them.

Anyway we braved the heat and I searched through the endless boxes of vinyl’s under the scorching sun. I came across a few I had wanted but I only had room for two or three. After a few minutes of deciding I made my choices and I’m happy with my selection and new additions to the collection. They sound great too. I got Street legal, The basement tapes ( with The Band) and live at Budokan. They were good finds and I think worth the journey from Berlin to Limerick.

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