#238- I’m still playing Wordle

It all started over 176 days ago this whole obsession with Wordle. How simple you have six guesses to figure out a five letter word and that’s it. One of the guys at work started playing then he got myself and another staff member and before we knew what was happening each day there was about ten of us competing over who got the word first.

The frustration when I can’t get the word too is enough to have me kicking myself for an hour. I don’t know when I plan on stopping but I see 365 games played as a natural ending point. I’m usually good for playing each day but then I lose my streak and that day throws off my consistency for a while but still I enjoy playing.

My current stats

Is there anyone else still playing? Did anyone get obsessed at all or did you let the fad pass you by?

4 thoughts on “#238- I’m still playing Wordle

  1. Geez, I tried it and I’ll never do that again. I should have known better because I was never good at scrabble (and it was so damn annoying that I refused to play unless I made up my own rules — take as much time as I wanted looking through a dictionary). This one was so traumatic that I’ve already forgotten which words I tried. I remember I tried “fling” first. “L” was correct. Then I did something which showed that “S” was a letter. And lastly I got correct “CLASS”. Now I’m done permanently from that game. For me it’s totally pointless — I don’t don’t like 5-letter words: they’re in-between curses and vagueness. Worst of all, I don’t think that obfuscation is a 5-letter word. But anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

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