#240- Last Looks 2021

Directed by : Tim Kirby

Written by : Howard Michael Gould

Starring : Charlie Hunnam, Rupert Friend, Lucy Fry, Morena Baccarin, Dominic Monaghan & Mel Gibson

Last Looks is a film in one of my favourite genres. A private detective tale and filmed in Hollywood too just to really capture that feeling. We follow Waldo who is a disgraced former detective now turned recluse and reluctant private detective. When someone from his past asks for a favour he gets involved in a murder mystery with Mel Gibson’s alcoholic English actor. Gibson’s Alistair Pinch has a temper and history of blackout drinking session’s to make him a prime target for the murder of his wife.

With a good set up, good cast and interesting story this film was actually a great surprise when I watched it in the wee small hours of Sunday morning. This is a really well made crime caper that knows exactly what it is. When it has to be serious it can be, the comedic moments ring through and the mystery is full of enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end.

Charlie Hunnam & Mel Gibson are brilliant together

This film doesn’t break any ground with filmmaking and it isn’t the new Chinatown or the Nice Guys but it is a lot of fun and a hidden gem from last year that I hope doesn’t slip through the cracks. I found myself having such a laugh with this film, I’m a huge Gibson fan but his scenery chewing performance and accent had me from the first moment he was on screen. I thought Charlie Hunnam was a very entertaining lead as Waldo who’s not the usual tough guy but rather he’s the tenacious guy who wants to do good. See what I said it’s classic private detective storytelling but damn it if it isn’t so entertaining to watch. I checked it out on Now TV and I’d love to hear if anyone else has seen this film.

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