#239- 500 Followers

There’s been a slow but continuous growth on my blog here over the past couple of years since I started it. It’s been great having a platform where I can write whatever I want and whenever I want because as anyone who regularly reads here knows I’m not always very consistent. However I prefer to write when I have something to say or something just takes over and I have to write about it. I think having some structure might help with my writing but it might also dampen the write whenever you want to style that I’m used to. Either way whatever I do going forward whether I practice writing more consistently or whenever I get the feeling I don’t know right now but I’m happy to have this creative outlet and so many great people over the years with similar interests,experiences,advice or just great and encouraging people. You guys are awesome and I love having the opportunity to chat and share with you !

10 thoughts on “#239- 500 Followers

  1. After blogging for a dozen years or so, I’ve found they evolve. I’ve been on a number of different sites and have found my posts change with time. Congrats on the 500. I have a habit of zapping all the businesses and false bloggers. So many people follow with no intention of ever interacting.. what’s the point of that?

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    1. Oh you’re doing it a good while ! Yeah I’m finding that the way I write and what I write about does change and I’m excited to see where it goes in the future too. I know it’s a very strange one that in fairness,I don’t get it either.

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