#243- Acting Headshots

In September last year I started an acting course in Limerick City. Screen Acting for beginners, I thought Ian this is perfect for you now actually go and try it out. I went, I loved it and I went to the continuation course earlier in the year. I went to an open casting call and got cast in some shorts. The entire experience was terrifying,scary but mostly it felt like I could be good at this. I practiced getting comfortable in front of the camera, I learned my scenes and monologues and there’s been an improvement in my skills and confidence for sure. Headshots now that’s what I need next ! My acting teacher was kind enough to arrange these for us with no charge because she’s a legend. I hadn’t a clue what to do or exactly how they’d turn out but I’m happy with them. Okay I say happy I do think I should’ve emoted more but for a first attempt I feel good about it.

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