#244- The Egyptian Museum in Berlin

I was in Berlin during August of this year, there’s more posts below about the beautiful City that is Berlin. Myself and Eva stayed on Museum Island and we saw some truly breathtaking museums, incredible artefacts and artwork that was incredible to see up close. One of my favourites was the Egyptian museum that had . The Nefertiti bust on display was surreal to see in person. There was serious security there and no photos were allowed in the room. Something’s just don’t seem real or tangible until you’re right there looking at it. The intricate beauty of this woman and the craft used to create this work of art to showcase her throughout time was very unique a feeling.

This museum was a great place to visit and if you happen to find yourself in Berlin then swing on in and see some amazing history on display. I have a very short video of some of the museum linked below on my YouTube channel.


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