#245- Bob Dylan live at Budokan is incredible!

Bob Dylan recorded his Budokan album in Nippon Budokan,Tokyo, Japan back in 1978 and is essentially a greatest hits album. Dylan sounds incredible on this live album. His voice is so crisp and he does some incredible versions of his great songs including; Shelter from the storm, Knockin on heaven’s door, Simple twist of fate and my favourite being Mr Tambourine Man.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Dylan the past few years and I only came across this album a few months ago when I found the vinyl in a market stall in Berlin. I got home and started listening to the album and I thought it was really good. The last few months I have been listening to many of the songs and the version of shelter from the storm and Tambourine Man are amongst my favourite songs of his now. That is saying an awful lot since the man has 39 studio albums and about 95 singles. The albums you always hear about are Blonde in Blonde, Desire, blood on the tracks, Nashville skyline and more recently Rough and rowdy ways and rightfully so but if you want a nice evening of beautiful and powerful live music you can’t go wrong with Dylan at Budokan.

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