#18 – The funkiest & catchiest song I’ve ever heard

Come and get your love by Redbone

This song is actually the best. It’s so much fun to listen to and sing along and trust me if your friends or family don’t know it just keep playing it for them it catches on and everyone sings it in the car with you. It’s pretty spectacular to be honest.

Now this song being released in 1973 and me being born in 1996 yeah I didn’t listen to it as a kid. But where did I hear it first you ask?

We’ll the usual place I find my music, from movies and television. Ah yes just as Martin Scorsese introduced me to the Rolling stones in his films and Californication brought me Warren Zevon I’ve got the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to thank for this one. More specifically the guardians of the Galaxy!

I mean goddamn if Chris Pratt can’t dance and open a movie with this song playing. The drums introduces the song so perfectly and then there’s a little guitar and the simple yet endlessly addictive lyrics. So funky and very very 70’s this song I heard it at the start of the film and I knew the whole entire film was going to be better for it. I left the cinema and tried to find it right away I still remember to this day. We left the cinema in Donegal and I went to the room we were staying in about 10 of us and searched for that song. I needed it. I wanted it. I had to have it. And here we are 5 years later yeah I found the song that day, made it my ringtone and damn it if it hasn’t been the same song every time I get a call to this very day.

Even to this very day over 5 years later I still miss phone calls because I hear this song start and I think there’s no goddamn way on earth that I’m missing this song. Its super fun and catchy and I want more music like this. I’ve talked enough about it now so I’m going to link the song below for you to enjoy as much as I do.