#64 – The Risk

Take the risk

Ask the first question

Take the drink and have strange conversations

Find yourself

Be strange,

Be fucked up,

Be real,

Take the risk

Get out there, be who you are

You may lose friends

Your father may be embarrassed by you

Be you

Find you

Take the risk

Get out there into the world

Find love

Find heartbreak

Find fights and fuck ups

Find what you’re made of

Take the risk

Get on stage

Get on people’s nerves

Get in people’s heart

Take the risk

Eat well

Go hungry

Make a meal for someone you love,

even if it’s yourself

Take the risk

Love someone

Love a stranger

Love someone who hasn’t love

Love yourself

Take the risk

Take that fucking risk and be who you are

Be you,

Love yourself

You may flinch, you may be scared at what you see and find. You may see the person who is closest to you taken over by darkness. You may be taken by the darkness.

Stare into that dark abyss the fucked up nightmare that is our world, find who you are. You may have sleepless nights, dark thoughts and fucked up feelings and memories, we all do, I know I do

Hug the cactus

You may find darkness and emptiness or light and love despite everything that surrounds us. BUT

You’ll never know unless you

Take that risk

Take the risk

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