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#144 – Weekly update – 03/06/2021

It’s Thursday and the weather is finally looking decent here in Ireland for a change. Still though I feel like we’re nowhere near summer. The days off now I get to drive places and travel further. I’ve definitely been enjoying seeing more people and that more people are getting their vaccinations. I missed being in […]

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#93 – Altering my reality in Lockdown

It’s tough to find something to stay doing while stuck in your house, yeah going to work is leaving the house and it’s good to be part of helping out during a pandemic but it’s the days off, The nights and the endless hours in between. What do you do? Alcohol, drugs another fucking walk […]

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#89 – Things are strange, life is strange

I hear a saxophone play as I walk my dog The harmonica gets loud as I continue My journey undecided yet Charlie looks at me for guidance Where are we going? What are we doing? He asked me and I ask myself What’s happening, where are we going buddy? We stroll down cruises street and […]

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#70 – The journey continues

Friday 25th September 2020 I started this blog in early November 2019 and to say a lot has happened since has been an understatement. I’ve started a new job since then that’s very fulfilling and brings a great deal of satisfaction to me. It’s really made me understand on a different level how stressed and […]

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#64 – The Risk

Take the risk Ask the first question Take the drink and have strange conversations Find yourself Be strange, Be fucked up, Be real, Take the risk Get out there, be who you are You may lose friends Your father may be embarrassed by you Be you Find you Take the risk Get out there into […]