#144 – Weekly update – 03/06/2021

It’s Thursday and the weather is finally looking decent here in Ireland for a change. Still though I feel like we’re nowhere near summer. The days off now I get to drive places and travel further. I’ve definitely been enjoying seeing more people and that more people are getting their vaccinations. I missed being in a room talking with people.

There’s loads of good stuff going on but still it feels like there’s a weight or a looming feeling of something bad will happen or that could just be a pandemic funk I find myself in. All is good at home and I spend most of my time listening to music, playing red dead online and watching TV shows and movies but I still can’t seem to shake this funk I find myself in.

I want a week on the beach just sitting by the water and get a nice place for a while just to be near the ocean. Take myself, Eva and my buddy Charlie ( the best dog ever) get into the car and go. Maybe head back to Tramore down in Waterford. I need time off and some good weather though, something really just to get this funk out of here.

I’d really love to get into some acting and be involved in some filmmaking too. I’ve got friends doing stuff like that and my buddy Jack Keeshan has new music and a video coming out soon too so maybe I need to kick myself in the ass and not be so lazy. At least get some headshots and lessons to get myself being proactive. This last year has given us all one thing and that’s time. Time to think especially is in an over abundance.

This blog has been great and such a fun way to talk and write. I’ve only got a small following so far, just under 200 at last check but you guys are great! So if anyone else is in a similar place or have that feeling of Where’s my place in the world, well any advice would be greatly appreciated. So that’s it today from me and remember a little bit of Bob Dylan or Warren Zevon can brighter up just about any day.

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