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#72 – Man missing in Cratloe

Early on the morning of August 15th local conspiracy theorist went missing while going into Cratloe Woods in County Clare. Mr Walker spoke to his ex wife the evening before he left for a camping (hunting) trip into the woods. While closed to the public Mr Walker would regularly break this curfew enforced by a […]

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#71 – MA Media Studies – day 1

No nerves about starting really. I got there about twenty minutes early and that’s when the nerves got me and I started to sweat or maybe it was the mask who knows. So I kept my headphones in took a walk outside put on Warren Zevon on, added the band to the que then headed […]

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#70 – The journey continues

Friday 25th September 2020 I started this blog in early November 2019 and to say a lot has happened since has been an understatement. I’ve started a new job since then that’s very fulfilling and brings a great deal of satisfaction to me. It’s really made me understand on a different level how stressed and […]