#79 – Spotify Wrapped 2020

It’s that time of year again when Spotify gifts us with our most played songs,artists and podcasts from the last 12 months. I really get a kick out of finding out my music listening statistics and finding out what i already suspect and that i spend over 25’000 minutes a year with my headphones.

Spotify Wrapped is such a great playlist too it’s got all my favourite songs on it, just walking down memory lane with yourself. So here it is for all to see and maybe get some new music out of it who knows. Enjoy

we definitely all had time to discover new singers this year
okay i really am into what im into. A lot of Rock right here
Bob Dylan and Joan Baez such an eerily beautiful piece of art this song is.
Honestly i thought i listened to this song once a day.. turns out it was every second day
I thought Zevon had a shot at being 5/5 here but close enough
i can’t get enough of their Red hot comic book movie news
Warren Zevon topping my list this year again is no surprise but i didn’t expect to see Kirk Ross make the top 5 considering i only listen to 1 or 2 of the guys songs.

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