#93 – Altering my reality in Lockdown

It’s tough to find something to stay doing while stuck in your house, yeah going to work is leaving the house and it’s good to be part of helping out during a pandemic but it’s the days off,

The nights and the endless hours in between. What do you do? Alcohol, drugs another fucking walk well they work for a while but you know what I just did. I just bought a PlayStation 4 and red dead Redemption 2 and It’s one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in the longest time if I’m honest.

I wanted to play on-line with some friends so okay I gotta buy that. So I go into PsNow and I think that’s it so I but the €60 membership and try go on-line but the damn thing is a game store its like Netflix for games. Turns out there’s a lot of great games but fuck now I gotta buy another thing to get the actual thing I wanted?

They make these things far too easy for an idiot such as myself to figure it out. Maybe that’s why they make it so easy for idiots like me to spend money it’s a solid business play I gotta admit.

Anyway this things taken over my life. The new addiction or obsession and it’s incredible. The story and the attention to detail with this game is seriously next level. It’s like going to Westworld or something.

I get to explore the wild west with my horse Wyatt and Arthur Morgan with his glorious moustache style.

10/10 would recommend and here’s hoping I’m kept entertained til we’re back to normal life.

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