#94 – 08-02-2020

So last week was pretty good. Aside from the usual at work and my 1 year assessment with my manager which went pretty good I have to say. Life’s easier when your work isn’t actively destroying your mental health and soul. So my contract has been renewed and I’m still going to be a Social Care Worker in Limerick for the foreseeable future.

I’ve played a lot of red dad redemption II and I am fully emersed into this world. I’ve spent days, nights and evenings up exploring this world. I’m still not even fully finished the main story missions of the thing yet, it’s a welcomed distraction these days honestly.

No word on vaccines yet but it’s all in the pipeline for the near future. I miss Amsterdam. When things get back to normal I gotta get on a plane and look down at everything with excitement and clarity. I’m going to keep appreciating the little things in my life. A coffee and a holiday in Amsterdam sounds incredible now. Sitting by the Waterlooplein Market for another hemp journal for myself, walking down the cobbled streets for a spot to sit by. That’s my favourite place to be with Eva, I feel settled there.

So I’m on my brief lunch break, sat on an armchair with my coffee and a podcast on. Feels nice to have my mask off and the breeze blowing in on me. Looking out the window now working around the corner from where I first moved to when I came to college in Limerick. Things have changed these last seven years.

That’s it for me today,

Time to get back on the floor

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