#97 – Entourage – Vinny Chase & the Boys

Entourage is a fictional look at movie star Vincent Chase. The show follows Vince and his entourage of his best friend and manager Eric Murphy “E” his buddy Turtle and his older brother Johnny Chase “Drama”. His fast talking agent Ari Gold fits perfectly into the groups dynamic as he wheels and deals in Hollywood.

Entourage ran from 2004 until 2011 and was followed up after the 8 seasons with a film in 2015.

Entourage is fun, exciting wish fulfilment show. As much as I love the show and have been enjoying the rewatch the past few weeks I’m fully aware it’s sex and the city for guys.

The show is great for creating and crafting a real and believable friendship between the entourage and Ari. The world that they create is incredible and the cameos and insider Hollywood talk give an air of believability and credibility to the show.

Entourage is kind of the cameos, throughout the show vince makes films with James Cameron, Frank Darabont, Nick Cassavettes and Martin Scorsese all of which make cameos on the show. In particular in season 2 with James Cameron when we see him on the set of the Aquaman movie set, I wish I could see the finished product irl.

There’s something about Entourage that I just want to catch up with the guys all the time and see what they’re getting up to and the crazy situations they get into. Everything does work out all the time for Vinny Chase and the boys they go from strength to strength just seeing what happens and finding their way to the top of LA

Entourage is fun and easy watch television. The group dynamic is infectious and genuinely entertaining. Ari Gold steals every single scene he is in and he’s the real king of the show. His epic tyrades and speeches while being INCREDIBLY politically incorrect and often sexist or worse he is the heart of the show. Ari is a business king in Hollywood and despite his reputation and what he says he is a loving father, husband and a loyal friend.

If you’re stuck in Lockdown I highly recommend Entourage either for a first time or like me for the 27th time watching

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