#96 – What the hell do I write about now

There’s not much really happening these days. Get up go to work or get up and zone out for my days off man.

Honestly I want to travel again more than anything both home here in Ireland and around the world. I miss the whole thing of finding a new place and making it home for your time there.

I miss the beach too and the smell of the ocean,

The sand under your feet

The fresh breeze hitting you

Oh it’s badly needed right about now, the world needs to get to the beach and have a drink.

Maybe if I wrote here some more it’ll be at least a better use of my time. I’m spending far too long in the house doing nothing at all. I’m becoming lazy this past year. I’ll try to get out in this shitty February weather more who knows it could help out.

I think I’ll start writing some more stories and tell them here. Maybe in one blog post of over a few of them. I don’t know just yet but it might be enjoyable to try it out

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