#145 – To shave or not to shave! That is the question

Gentlemen we’ve all been there and had that moment in the mirror. You look at yourself and see your face and you stop to think and consider will I fully shave my face today. You look to the razor, back to the mirror, back to the razor, the mirror, the razor, the mirror and back to the razor again. Yes I’ve not fully had a clean shave in over a year and a half and I like the stubble but maybe, maybe I’ll shave right now. A thought that has plaque mankind for a minute already, why do we do this guys why!?!?

A happy and bearded me before I thought to shave my face completely.

So you’re contemplating and you say fuck it! Today’s the day I’m doing it. So you take off the first bit and you look at it and say to yourself. Ah fuck that’s a bit short now isn’t it, what have I done? Why wasn’t I happy the way it was. But now you have to continue don’t ya it’s too late to stop now. So now you ask yourself this question and yes we’re onto the bargaining stage of beard grief.

Will I shave a bit and leave some facial hair?

I love Doc Holiday as much as the next guy but I can’t pull this look off. Ian c’man you can’t rock this shitty moustache man.

Now that you realise you’re not a cowboy and can’t really pull off the Walter White look so what can be done. So you shave completely and see your baby face.

There’s a face I haven’t seen in a long time and eh it’s okay. Instant regret is what courses through your brain. What have I done why would I do this now I gotta wait a couple of weeks til it’s back to an acceptance level.

So gentlemen now that you’ve gone through bargaining, you’ll eventually find yourself at the acceptance stage. This may take only seconds to get through all these feelings but it feels like a lifetime. As if time itself has stopped and everyone’s waiting outside the bathroom door to see your new baby face. You either get a wow I wouldn’t recognise you or no comment at all.

If you’ve found yourself wondering the answer to the question to shave or not to shave? I recommend having a trim. Just a tidy up and move on, you’ll only regret it later. I’m missing the extra layer on my face. Turns out that’s my comfort zone, that extra bit of facial hair that keeps me warmer and honestly it’s make up for men. A good beard can totally change a person. That’s all for now I gotta say about that, I got answers anyway to a question I feel like I already knew the answer to.

14 thoughts on “#145 – To shave or not to shave! That is the question

  1. I like the third one. Everyone looked like the first one through all of COVID. I think it’s nice to see people’s actual faces now that we don’t have to be buried under layers of beards and masks (at least in pictures LOL) And there’s nothing wrong with a baby face. While you have it, you complain about it, and then one day they stop carding you and you’re gonna get really upset…just you wait LOL

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    1. All in all it made the masks more comfortable to wear anyway haha. Oh I think that’s already starting to happen haha maybe when pubs are back to normal now I’ll notice a difference in being asked for ID


      1. Completely clean shaven might get you carded (which isn’t abad thing), but stubble would be fine. No beards or mustaches or anything like that. Just a Devil May care look. Like the 3rd pic.

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