#173 – Hot summer night in Limerick

A couple lay in bed together

It’s midnight

Too hot to sleep

The windows are open to the sound of birds, bat’s and city sounds from around

A small little dog seeks his sleep underneath

Astral projections on the ceiling above me,

Visions of Johanna on the speaker

Her music is up next,

That’s usually a change from mine

We talk and we laugh and the world outside our room doesn’t exist at all

Who needs it anyway

I can feel the sweat on my face now

Heat without the sun is criminal

The fan sounds as if its going to take off down the runway any minute

The music covers some of it

Must be almost time to finish the day now and start again.

Alarm set, 7am here I come, I’ll see you in six hours and eighteen minutes

Rise, shine and keep on keepin on.

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