#174 – my afterlife suggestion

When I die I want stats on my entire life. Just like in a video game when you hit pause and check out how you’re getting on. Red dead II for example; 176 people trampled, 27 guns owned, 8 horses purchased, etc etc etc.

My memories not always the best and how accurate are they anyway they’re just stories we tell ourselves about events we witnessed or were part of. I want the data just hard facts.

Ian Kiely

Spent 1467 hours listening to Warren Zevon 

Watched the Sopranos 56 times

Ate 275 pizzas

Visited 47 countries

Spent 390 hours on planes

Talked for 6'000 hours

Listened for 12'000 hours

Drank 1'000 bottles of whiskey

Gave a head pat to 2'000 dogs

Cooked 21'000 meals

Read 1000 books

Improved 250 people's lives

Walked 1'478'420 steps

Earned €2.1 Million during your lifetime

Spent €2 million in your lifetime

2'900 hours on the toilet

1'000 hours singing in the shower

1 kiwi successfully peeled and eaten

156 music concerts attended

You were once 50ft from Bob Dylan playing the harmonica on stage

Fingers crossed this is taken on board if not already in practice on the other side. I’m waiting for my life stats and it’s going to be in the top 5 first questions I have, if there’s a chance at all to ask.

10 thoughts on “#174 – my afterlife suggestion

  1. A very interesting statistical summary deserving of comment:

    Talked for 6’000 hours
    Listened for 12’000 hours

    Nice to know you listened more than talked. Good fella…..

    Drank 1’000 bottles of whiskey

    Wonder you’re not pickled…..

    2’900 hours on the toilet

    I spent 2,901…Beat ya…..

    1 kiwi successfully peeled and eaten

    More work needed here…….

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    1. Haha I always try keep my mouth shut at times, tough to learn something new when you’re talking.

      loved the comments man and now I gotta peel a kiwi and up the stats haha


  2. The kiwi fruit part made me laugh. I hear ya. You can actually eat the skin…although it’s not a very pleasant texture :/ I cut them in half then scoop the fruit out with a spoon 👌

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  3. That would be great- hours slept/ hours awake….. and I started re-watching The Sopranos last week.. not quite up to 56 times yet..

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