12 thoughts on “#234- Berlin in Pictures – Day 2

  1. Wow, I remember being there. There was a little cafe not far from the Holocaust memorial that had amazing coffee. I’m stuck right now trying to remember how to get to it, and it may not even exist anymore as that was almost a decade ago now. I’m so glad you’re having fun!

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    1. Hey Marla, great to hear from you again. Oh honestly even if you did remember with the heat all I’m able for is water and alcohol over here haha. The coffee would have me overheating like crazy, beautiful City though! Hope you’re well !


      1. Hello Ian. I am doing pretty good, thank you. And, the best part of cafes is that there’s iced coffee. And snacks. And water. No it’s Germany, so probably beer too. Oh, and shade. I wouldn’t suggest you March over to get scorching hot coffee on a summers day. That’s insanity. No, I was thinking about a lovely beverage with ice cubes and something sweet to chew with it, while in the shade beneath a fan watching the people walk by. I’ll have to call my ex at some point to see if he can remember enough about it to give me a hint. I only remember the ambiance, not what I ate. He’ll have to tell me something that one of us ate or drank and I’ll be able to give you immaculate directions.

        I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself!

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      2. Oh okay haha now that’s more like is, yeah there’s usually beer or so I’m finding here anyway. I think today I’m going to do just that, find a nice park, a cold drink and sit in the shade just watching the world go by. glad to hear you’re keeping well !


      3. I can promise you that if you do just that, you will find it the single most amazing city in the universe. Until you find a shady little patch of grass with a cold drink in the next town 😂

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  2. Thank you Sony for giving back that crucial piece of the Berlin Wall.

    Did you get any David Bowie feelings, Ian?

    And as for 60 years of the Rolling Stones!

    Again I loved the coloured street art with so much chibi.

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