#235- Berlin day 3

Day three in Berlin got off to a great start. We’ll aside from some brief moments of panic involving trains and buses but it turned out well in the end. Off to the tropical island just an hours drive outside of Berlin. This swimming resort was build inside of an old airport hangar and it was a day of swimming, eating and drinking. That’s damn perfect as far as I’m concerned, now it’s 11pm and I’m too tired to write much so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

13 thoughts on “#235- Berlin day 3

    1. Assuming this was taken on a cell phone and not a formal camera, and he chose to flip the screen rather than hold the phone backwards, generally speaking, those camera flip everything as if it were a reflection in a mirror rather than a typical camera. However, if this is not the case, I fear he is trapped in a mirror universe where the aliens have landed and humanity is in peril of being flipped inside out for eternity 🫣😱

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      1. I like the latter explanation Marla haha honestly I don’t know and I didn’t even notice til it was pointed out. I did take it as a selfie on my phone though yeah.

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      2. The latter explanation does make more logical sense than the whole camera turning everything backwards. Honestly, I never noticed either until I realized that in one of my pictures, my ring was on the wrong hand and my hand was on the entirely wrong side. That’s how I figured out that selfie cameras make it so everything is backwards lol

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      3. I believe humanity is definitely in peril as it is the explanation that is the more logical reality-based than the other. I dunno, I felt like having an outlet for my creative mind and I created a theory where it was the camera angle. I apologize if it was too far fetched. I’ll try to keep my creative writing to my page from now on.

        Just don’t let them put you on the space ship with a promise of service to mankind. It is a lie! And our inside out selves will be dinner!!

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      4. I agree with you that humanity is in peril.

        Don’t worry at being too farfetched. Not enough writers let their imagination fly.
        Haven’t seen any spaceships for a while. Maybe I scared them off?…….

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