#274 – Saturday 14.01.23

I woke up this fine Saturday morning in mid January. The cold wind and rain was battering against the windows the night before but the morning seemed a little less harsh.

We lay in bed and chatted the entire morning, played with the dog and scrolled tik tok.

Time for breakfast and showers before we head into town. Feeling fresh and ready to take on the day we decided to go into town and see what was going on.

The traffic was mental for some reason and the town was packed this particular Saturday It was around 3pm when we left.

I took my camera with me to take some pictures and videos of the city while we were out. We got sushi and took a stroll through town, snapping pictures along the way.

We went to O Mahoney’s to check out some books and took a stroll along the boardwalk before we headed back home.

We returned to a very welcoming and excited Charlie who had to hear about our day after he had the zoomies. Seriously the dog gets pumped at the drop of a hat and it’s one of my favourite thing’s in the world to get the little man going.

We chatted, took pictures and watched TV. Such a simple Saturday but it was pretty perfect. We couldn’t decide all day what to watch but we ended it with some episodes of the A team and when in doubt watch some 80’s tv as far as I’m concerned.

All in all this year is off to a good start and it’s going to continue on like that I’m sure of it.

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