#136 – Jack is back! Jack Keeshan’s new album and music video; coming soon

Jack Keeshan is working hard again. His latest album soon to be released is called Internal Dialogue. With his single Jenny released late last year. The song covered the issue of domestic violence and he continues with the rest of the album having the same revolutionary themes across them.

Jack Keeshan recording a music video with Never meant records.

After chatting with Jack recently he wants this album to have a post apocalyptic feel to it. He wants to get the message across through his music that ; this is the way we could be headed but we can still unify and be better”.

I’m excited to see the music video coming out soon and listen to the rest of the music. It’s coming in the next few weeks and it can’t happen fast enough honestly. He’s a great guy and a truly great new talent out there!

⬇️ Follow Jack here linked below ⬇️

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