#222 – Photographs update (Jan, Feb, March 2022)

The Vinyl collection continues to grow !
Charlie is always at home in the Clare Glens
It’s me in the sun and the trees
I don’t remember taking this picture but here’s my ugly mug
Movie make up on set
Yeah I took a couple of good shots but I’m a pacifist what do you expect?
Marble Dylan !
Charlie’s got a tongue out at Bukowski
Finishing this was an arduous a journey as Jack Torrance underwent
Dinner date in the Locke with the beautiful dorsal Finn
That’s my car outside the kitchen window in windy Sligo I believe in January 2022. What a view from the kitchen table
I don’t remember taking this picture either but I seem duscheviled
My overlook hotel inspired birthday present!
Incliment weather at work
Streeda beach was beautiful, I’ll return
The other room is now a spare room
After 18 months I finally dropped 45 pounds and got back to 190 pound’s walking around weight I feel comfortable at

Me and Ongo just hangin out

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