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#143 – The most incredible birthday cake I’ve ever bought!

My girlfriend just recently had a birthday and I thought I’d get her a real proper birthday cake. Not a store bought one but one specifically made with everything she likes. So we got a cake here that stands at about a foot tall. There’s four layers of chocolate and Dairymilk chocolate poured over the […]

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#62 – The simple pleasures of making a sandwich

There’s an incredible sense of achievement in making a good sandwich. You’ve created something and that’s not a bad day’s work. I grab my sweet chilli chicken and cut that up, Chop Peppers, Jalepanos and add some cheese Next is your sauces for me I go to sweet chilli sauce, I really want to feel […]

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#48 – Amsterdam 101 – Coffee, Canals and Van Gogh

*** *** *** *** *** *** The first time I visited Amsterdam was in the month of August in the year of 2017. Accompanied by my two Amigos and roommates at the time Dan & Dom. I felt at home as soon as I set foot on the ground… There was something special in the […]