My Life

#69 – YouTube Ad’s

One of the most annoying things is when a YouTube ad comes along and ruins the flow of what I’m watching. There’s one in ad in particular and it had this is when this dentist kind of shouting at you. He starts it by saying if you have perfect straight teeth then hit the skip […]

My Life Poetry

#68 – Trauma bond

There’s no stronger bond than shared trauma it can bring close to someone that’s been through the shit you have, This year the entire world shut down We were all locked down Death And Isolation We’re all going through something that hasn’t taken place in over a century Whether we want to admit it or […]

My Life Poetry short story

#67 – Tramore

It’s 8pm on Sunday evening. The weather is calm and it’s nice out. Me and my dog Charlie take a walk and of course he’s excited It’s his first time on the beach and he loves it I take him off the lead and he walks along beside me He sniffs around the sand Runs […]

short story

#66 – The fixer

Hank drives in his car along the Irish coastline. The waves beat against the shore. Hank drives along listening to Bob Dylan on the radio. He’s a man in his early thirties. A good looking guy, he sparks a cigarette as he looks out onto the coastline. The sun glistens off of his expensive sunglasses […]

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#65 – I’m making a Documentary

It was in March this year when I had an idea one night to write a script for a mockumentary about a lizard monster lurking in a local forest in Ireland. Who knows where these strange ideas come from but I thought it was a good or at least unusual way to spend my time. […]