Entourage – Vinny Chase & the Boys

Entourage is a fictional look at movie star Vincent Chase. The show follows Vince and his entourage of his best friend and manager Eric Murphy "E" his buddy Turtle and his older brother Johnny Chase "Drama". His fast talking agent Ari Gold fits perfectly into the groups dynamic as he wheels and deals in Hollywood. … Continue reading Entourage – Vinny Chase & the Boys

100 movies – The great, the good, the bad and the ugly

25 Great ones 25 Good ones 25 bad ones & 25 so bad they're good ones Now this is all purely my opinion of course . We'll start with the great ones and work our way on down. Enjoy my guys! The 25 Great ones Letf to right : Heat 1995, Godfather 1972, Jurassic Park … Continue reading 100 movies – The great, the good, the bad and the ugly

Altering my reality in Lockdown

It's tough to find something to stay doing while stuck in your house, yeah going to work is leaving the house and it's good to be part of helping out during a pandemic but it's the days off, The nights and the endless hours in between. What do you do? Alcohol, drugs another fucking walk … Continue reading Altering my reality in Lockdown