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#143 – The most incredible birthday cake I’ve ever bought!

My girlfriend just recently had a birthday and I thought I’d get her a real proper birthday cake. Not a store bought one but one specifically made with everything she likes. So we got a cake here that stands at about a foot tall. There’s four layers of chocolate and Dairymilk chocolate poured over the […]

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#142 – A timeless and important song; The Weight by the Band 1968

In the year of 1968, The band released a song that to me transcends time and space. The Weight is a song that’s been my favourite of all time for so many years now. The way the song starts off and the beat gets going you feel like you’re embarking on the journey too into […]

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#141 – What would you do if you gave away €1’000’000

I wonder if the person who sells someone a €1’000’000 lottery ticket has the constant thought that hey I just handed someone a million. I had a million euro in my hands and had no clue. I just saw an article about a million euro lottery ticket that got sold in Easons on the Crescent […]

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#140 – Bob Dylan unstoppable at 80

Today the greatest singer/songwriter and poet of all time turns 80 years old. It was the experience of a lifetime to see him on stage with Neil Young in Kilkenny in the summer of 2019. For the past 60 years Bob Dylan has been at the forefront of the music industry. More than a singer […]

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#139 – Seinfeld 1989 – 1998

Created by: Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld Starring: Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Michael Richards, Wayne Knight, Estelle Harris & Jerry Stiller. Seinfeld follows Jerry Seinfeld, his friends and the world around him in New York in the 90’s. Jerry lives his life and writes his material around the antics and observations he […]

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#138 – The curse of the phone speaker in public

There’s a certain kind of person out there. A person with no regard for manners. No interest in any realm of respect and decency for their fellow man. An individual with no shame and no understanding of right and wrong and that’s the guy you see chatting on his phone with the speaker on just […]

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My old college buddy John Walsh has a blog now for about over a year. He doesn’t post every day but when he does its always interesting, I think its interesting anyway! Check out some of his stuff and see what you think. So I’ve been rambling to myself like a crazy person in a […]

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#136 – Jack is back! Jack Keeshan’s new album and music video; coming soon

Jack Keeshan is working hard again. His latest album soon to be released is called Internal Dialogue. With his single Jenny released late last year. The song covered the issue of domestic violence and he continues with the rest of the album having the same revolutionary themes across them. After chatting with Jack recently he […]

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#135 – I’ve got Bob Dylan on repeat 🎶🎸

I always have Bob Dylan playing either in the car, on my phone or on vinyl. He’s the best to listen to, his songs have such vivid imagery and descriptive and often vague references. Dylan has been at the forefront of change in music as well as society for over 60 years now. There’s been […]

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#134 – Lilyhammer review (2012 – 2014) Netflix series

Created by: Anne Bjørnstad & Eilif Skodvin Starring: Steven Van Zandt, Trond Fausa Aurvåg, Marian Saastad Ottesen, Steinar Sagen, Fridtjov Såheim, Rhys Coiro & Tony Sirico * The Story * Frank(y) (the fixer) Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt) is a new York gangster who finds himself the target of a failed assassination attempt. He decides to […]